The UK Supreme Court has granted permission for an appeal against last summer’s Court of Appeal judgment affecting care workers on sleep-in shifts. This decision will offer hope to hundreds of UNISON members in the private care sector in Gloucestershire.

The UNISON-backed case argues that sleep-in shifts should count as working time and be paid at least hourly minimum wage rates.

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis  has welcomed the chance to clarify the law once and for all: “Across the UK, thousands of care staff work sleep-in shifts looking after vulnerable adults and children, many with significant, challenging needs. As a society we should be celebrating the valuable job care workers do, not expecting them to survive on a pittance. Care employees are working on sleep-in shifts so this time should be counted as working time. They aren’t free to come and go as they please and, as often the sole member of staff, they’re likely to be on their feet for much of the night.”

For more details, see Dave Prentis’s blog.